Friday 28 September 2012

12.10.12 Radikal Guru & Cian Finn Steppas Launch

Cork Pavilion - Friday 12th October

Moonshine Steppas Present the Unified Power of Cian Finn, Radikal Guru, Alpha Steppa & Dub Dynasty.

Artists: Radikal Guru, Cian Finn, Alpha Steppa, Dub Dynasty (Alpha Steppa + Alpha & Omega)
Label: Moonshine Steppas (Moonshine Recordings PL & Steppas Records UK)
Cat No.: MSS001/MSS002
Release Date: October 2012
Format: 2X12" Vinyl & Digital Download

"Moonshine Records have worked with Radikal Guru and Cian Finn previously, on the well-received Rootstepa album and Rootstepa Remixed EP and that relationship and connection is clearly apparent here. Watch out for Finn's deeply emotive lyrics on '9 Years' where he transforms a great dub tune into a powerful meditation on the cost of war. Finn and Guru work seamlessly together and it's a testament to all involved that the tracks work just as well with pure dub or vocals. On the flip side, currently being subject to extensive rewinds by some of the most respected DJs in dub, dubstep and international bass music alike, 'Ireland' has anthem written all over it."
-Moonshine Records.

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